Yay choices

When upgrading with yay and it finds AUR upgrades it comes back with a choice of number 1,2,3 and 4. Which does what?
Also it sometimes comes back with a choice of None, All, etc… which do I choose?

Those numbers are the packages it is asking if you want to ignore. So if there are 4 packages it will list them (1,2,3,4) then ask do you want to exclude any of them. Hit enter if you don’t want to exclude any and the corresponding number if you do. When you see the next question [n] none, [a] all etc that is asking of you want to see the diffs in the packages as they update from old to new. Just select [n] n here and hit enter. If you have any git packages installed it may also ask if you would like to clean build these packages. I usually select clean.


Thank you!


Thanks for this post, I had the same question, but… what does ^4 mean?

Not 4.

So basically it would install everything on the list except 4.


Thank you!

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