Yaourt missing? Update in Terminal

Well, after installing and installing pamac, trying to “UpdateinTerminal” I get " → Missing AUR Packages: yaourt":

Arch & EndeavourOS update check:
:: Searching Arch & EndeavourOS for updates...

 there is nothing to do

AUR update check:
:: Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Missing AUR Packages:  yaourt
 there is nothing to do

Press ENTER to close this window: 

Though when I check for yaourt in pamac it shows it is installed and in terminal I can do “yaourt -h”:

limo@lenovo ~]$ yaourt -h
Usage: yaourt <operation> [...]
        yaourt (search pattern|package file)
        yaourt {-h --help}
        yaourt {-V --version}
        yaourt {-Q --query}       [options] [package(s)]
        yaourt {-R --remove}      [options] <package(s)>
        yaourt {-S --sync}        [options] [package(s)]
        yaourt {-U --upgrade}     [options] <package(s)>
        yaourt {-C}               [options]
        yaourt {-B --backup}      [save directory|restore file]
        yaourt {-G --getpkgbuild} [options] <package(s)>
        yaourt {-P --pkgbuild}    [-i --install] <directory>
        yaourt {--stats}
[limo@lenovo ~]$ 

something wrong with my system? it is installed but in update it says missing?

I think that means yaourt cannot be found in AUR and indeed

$ yay -Ss yaourt
aur/pikaur-aurnews 1.6.17-1 (+0 0.00) 
    AUR helper which asks all questions before installing/building. Inspired by pacaur, yaourt and yay, and with the live aurnews eggzpatch
aur/tpac 1.0rc2-1 (+3 0.00) (Orphaned) 
    trizen wrapper to mimic yaourt's search feature
aur/pacget 1.1.2-1 (+4 0.00) 
    A wrapper around pacaur to mimic yaourt's search feature
aur/pikaur-git 1.8-1 (+19 0.29) 
    AUR helper which asks all questions before installing/building. Inspired by pacaur, yaourt and yay.
aur/pikaur 1.8-1 (+232 4.16) 
    AUR helper which asks all questions before installing/building. Inspired by pacaur, yaourt and yay.

So nothing is wrong with your system, but at the moment it is unlikely that yaourt will be updated until some kind hearted soul undertakes to add and maintain package on AUR

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Well, please excuse me for my ignorance! I’ve been away from Linux since 2013, :cry:and my first time on Arch.

I searched and found https://ostechnix.com/install-yaourt-arch-linux/
But it says:

**Important Update:**

Please don’t use Yaourt. It is out dated and discontinued. Use **Yay** AUR helper instead. https://ostechnix.com/yay-found-yet-another-reliable-aur-helper/

So, as far as my humble understanding, I better uninstall Yaourt as yay replaced it?

Ooh sorry! didn’t mean to cause offense or be patronising.

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FWIW I typically uninstall packages which are unsupported.

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yaourt also don’t handle gpg keys :exploding_head: so better to keep it out :wink:

but there are a lot replacement too :slight_smile:

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@daab , sorry for what? you said nothing offensive or wrong. You are so sensitive. It’s OK… I really can’t figure out what are you saying sorry for!
So, I just uninstall it and everything will be OK?
I don’t want to break the system and reinstall again for the 153rd time in one month. :astonished:
So, I just uninstall it. Right?

just uninstall yaourt

I just did. Thank you

Please don’t just follow some random guides online, you’ll mess up your system, and since you’re not using TimeShift, you’re going to have to fix it yourself.

Whoever told you to install Yaourt should be disregarded forever.


Well, honestly speaking, and no offense.
EOS Endeavour is a wonderful OS, the community is amazing!

I just have to say a few points “of view”:
I noticed EOS is like leaving it all to the user to find out. This is not a newbie friendly. It can be better. (for example I knew - just by chance - from the forums here that there are “community releases” with different DE. It was not easy to find on the main page.
Err… I believe this should be a separate topic/thread.

I hope/prefer a moderator creates a topic like “Brainstorming: How to Make Endeavour OS Better”, or "“Brainstorming: How to Make Endeavour OS more…”

I won’t create it as I don’t want to appear like I am “the opposition” while I am definitely not, on the contrary, I am pro EOS and the team. A great job, a great team, a great community, a great distro…

Hopefully a moderator or team member create such thread to brainstorm as mentioned above.

Thank you

Hi @Kresimir ,
If you look at Baloo is The Responsible of Unresponsivenes

I had a few issues with Baloo/Dolphin/BTRFS/TimeShift… I don’t know exactly who.

So I ended up reinstalling for the 156th time in a month (Live install, KDE Plasma, Ext4, not installing TimeShift) and everything is working as it should be…

I am worried installing TimeShift may cause the two problems to happen again!

Ah, okay I guess I misunderstood the sentiment in your response. NP.
My wife wouldn’t agree with your assessment that I am sensitive :rofl:, quite the reverse.
I’d agree that EndeavourOS isn’t a newbie friendly, but newbie to Linux isn’t the target audience.
From my limited experience I’d say that either Ubuntu or Pop! meet that brief.
I find those setups too constraining, EndeavourOS ticks all the boxes for me - few constraints and fantastic forum members and fantastic team that set up EndeavourOS.

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That’s the “default” of all wives :rofl:

Just because I am impressed with EOS, I’d like to see it the default OS on most desktops or laptops, for everybody. I don’t understand why “newbie to Linux isn’t the target audience.” What’s the point?

I agree with you 10000%
Since I started Linux back in 2000 till 2013, I tried several distros, deb, rpm,… and different communities. My experience here with the community and the distro really exceeded -not my expectations- it exceeded even my dreams!

This is not very likely. There are quite a few people that are very passionate about what the core beliefs of EndeavourOS are about. Terminal centric and as close to arch as possible while supplying just enough automation (welcome app) to allow new users like yourself to actually be able to use an arch Linux distro. That is really as deep as it gets philosophically.

When we start to get into threads like this it always turns into trying to make the distro more GUI friendly and/or more like another distro. Much like your earlier suggestion that pamac be included by default. It’s never going to happen.

Topics like this always end badly.


Just from my experience and knowledge, I see EndeavourOS as a beginner to intermediate hybrid type of user friendly distro. It’s not as complicated straight out of the box as say Arch is, but being Arch-based, it still requires the user to have or the desire to acquire through experiences some understanding of how to maintain and update your system. The EndeavourOS wikis and this forum are your best resources to increase your knowledge on this. Now a proper newbie friendly distro would be something like PopOS or Linux Mint, which is not the aim for the team on EndeavourOS.

What EndeavourOS does do as @Elloquin just stated above me is on point and I agree with that philosophy as well. EndeavourOS was the most work I had to put into a distro to get it up and running (compared to my experiences on PopOS/Fedora/Solus), but I learned a lot and am much better off now and it was all 100% thanks to the EndeavourOS wikis and this forum that got me to where I’m at today with my system. Can’t thank the team and the lovely individuals here enough for all their help and patience with me along the way.


From the fourth paragraph on the EndeavourOS “About Us” page:

we are aiming for a Linux user with an intermediate level of knowledge

This should really be on the main page as well, preferably in the first paragraph. IMO.


It is OK.
I read a lot about EndeavourOS Philosophy, so I get a better understanding of my beloved distro and my beloved community.

To me this is a good end of course.

I have absolutely no problem with that after being fully on Linux for 13 years. (other than work computers which was Windoze)

My problem is I think more about newbies, pure plain illiterate newbies…
I’m OK, Now, I understand more about Endeavour target audience and philosophy, that’s perfectly OK with me.

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