Yakuake and Konsole

anyway to change Yakuake theme or colour ? and i want Konsole with shotcut , i want customize Konsole to like own colour

look in Yakuake settings. can get theme + change colours

Konsole have shortcut+ can get theme or change colour … :open_book: look in shortcut settings + Konsole settings

which one?

Workspace behavior => Shortcuts => Custom shortcuts => Konsole

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Manjaro have great help forum. :innocent:

Konsole look and feel can be changed using konsole profiles and color schemes.

In Konsole click on settings and the top 3 items are
Edit Current Profile...
Switch Profile
Manage Profiles

Edit Current Profile... is probably not the one you want to do first, because I think it will try to modify the default profile which is weirdly read-only.
What works for me is create or import konsole profiles and colour schemes and nominate one of those as the default. Then modify that one to my hearts content.

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