Xrdp not working since plasma 6

Hello! My system has been working well with plasma 6, but I have noticed that I can no longer connect to it via RDP. I simply get a black screen. I also noticed that xrdp was upgraded at the same time as plasma 6 to xrdp 0.10.0_beta.1-1. Since xrdp is now in beta, maybe I should wait a while before doing too much more troubleshooting, as this remote connection is not mission critical. I’m really just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.

I can see that my SDDM greeter now offers the choice of starting a wayland session or an x11 session. Could it be that the remote session is being started as wayland? (which I don’t think would work with xrdp.) I think the “waitforx” timeout seen in the log below suggests this could be the case.

Please advise.

[2024-03-13T21:07:31.197-0700] [INFO ] Socket 13: connection accepted from AF_UNIX
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.234-0700] [INFO ] Received system login request from xrdp for user: tfirkins IP: ::ffff:
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.315-0700] [INFO ] starting xrdp-sesexec with pid 737
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.560-0700] [INFO ] TerminalServerUsers group tsusers doesn’t exist. Access granted for tfirkins
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.576-0700] [INFO ] Access permitted for user: tfirkins
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.587-0700] [INFO ] Received sys login status for tfirkins : logged in
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.601-0700] [INFO ] Received request from xrdp to create a session for user tfirkins
[2024-03-13T21:07:31.202-0700] [INFO ] Starting X server on display 10: /usr/lib/Xorg :10 -auth .Xauthority -config xrdp/xorg.conf -norese
t -nolisten tcp -logfile .xorgxrdp.%s.log
[2024-03-13T21:07:41.189-0700] [ERROR] waitforx: Unable to open display :10
[2024-03-13T21:07:41.235-0700] [ERROR] X server failed to start
[2024-03-13T21:07:41.237-0700] [INFO ] Session on display 10 has finished.

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Sounds like Wayland to me.

Have you tried it in an Xorg session?

I did. After the black screen times out, the blue screen appears and with Xorg as the default session type. It fails with the same message

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The release of xorgxrdp 0.10.0-5 fixed this problem for me. The issues is explained by the people at Neutriolabs labs here

Isn’t it in the name Xrdp is for X AFAIK there is KRDP for Wayland when you are on KDE Plasma.


The client PC in this case happens to be a Windows machine. I use Bitvise to start ssh shell sessions and/or RDP sessions. I looks like the problem I was having was only with the previous version or xorgxrdp. It had nothing to do with X11 or Wayland, thankfully, because I am not familiar with the inner workings of either.

I didn’t know why you were using xrdp, but I thought I would at least mention it and yes xorgxrdp breaks sometimes.