Xorg cleanup is coming on Archlinux testing, soon on stable repositories

As I was updated my Archlinux - with testing repositories enabled - installation something like an hour ago, I faced a conflict in xorg packages.

After doing some search, I found a bug related to obsolete package removal and a mailing list post.

Bug report: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/64892
Mailing list post: https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-general/2019-December/047247.html

Removed packages (some other packages were rebuilt):

- xf86miscproto yes, in xorgproto package
- libxxf86misc yes
- xf86dgaproto yes, in xorgproto package
- libxxf86dga yes
- libxkbui yes
- libdmx

Don’t know if there are used in EndeavourOS installation. Juste wanted to warn everybody.

Edit: on classical installation, libdmx is now an orphaned package.

Missing libdmx package warning.

But removing it breaks screenfetch, so keep libdmx until xorg update is push on stable repositories.

Broken screenfetch install

Upgrading using testing repositories - which I do not tell you to do on real hardware - and everything goes well. No file conflicts after removing libdmx. So Xorg cleanup in testing should work ok.


Thanks for the warning!

BTW, are you using all Arch testing repos, or just the [testing]?

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I’m using all testing repositories. And keeping both libdmx and libxxf86dga (needed by screenfetch?) = :bomb:

I hope Archlinux maintainer will fix this soon :slight_smile:

A workaround to test: uninstall screenfetch, upgrade and install it back again?

I also had the [testing] repo (only) active on one machine, and it showed the same problem. Lazy as I was, didn’t study it but simply disabled the testing repo and downgraded back to normal.

I guess they’ll fix it, or we have a problem coming.

They will fix it :cold_sweat: They will right?!?

I’ll try “removing screenfetch” workaround as soon as possible. But I think Archlinux developer will fix issues on xorg cleanup and upgrade. Well, I hope.

They will. I hope :scream:

Looking at archlinux bug, rebuilds are being made. Let’s keep fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Well, I was like @manuel I reverted back and uncommented the testing repo and I’m going to wait a few days when that one hits stable.

So… don’t update until someone on here say it works for sure?

In some way, yes.

The problem still exists. To be able to run other updates, at the moment I have xorgproto set to ignore in “/etc/pacman.conf”:

IgnorePkg = xorgproto

Just look at bug in the first post. It is a work in progress. Some other packages needs to be rebuild, like the ones depending on libxxf86dga (or something like this).

Tweaking IgnorePKG line is a short time answer. I have to do so on my archlinux + testing because of this :angry: samba bug: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/64537

Therefore on IgnorePkg. This not only keeps the named package, but also its dependencies.

The alternative would be until the fix:

  • no updates at all or
  • picking out updates individually

There is another way to do thing clean:

  1. removing screenfetch
  2. upgrade
  3. reinstall screenfetch

screenfetch dependency xorg-xpdyinfo needs libxxf86dga which will be removed.

First screenshot: removing screenfetch on an EndeavourOS “stable”.

Screenshot #2: after testing upgrade, installing back screenfetch.

You can see xorg-xpdyinfo move from version 1.3.2-2 to 1.3.2-3

Commit related to 1.3.2-3 version: https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/commit/trunk?h=packages/xorg-xdpyinfo&id=63a049668ccb1f38c52dc6fe252d099197eb70c4

So :slight_smile:

I also find this interesting bug report related to screenfetch: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/58279 -> “set ‘xorg-xdpyinfo’ and ‘xorg-xprop’ as optdepends”


“Houston, we have a problem.”

Fortunately not yet, but let’s keep our eyes open.


And wait for Archlinux developers to finish their work.

It is “Houston, we’ve had a problem”. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houston,_we_have_a_problem


This morning i had 31 updates and it wouldn’t update. I just didn’t update xorgproto and the other updates installed. I then removed the currently installed xorgproto and reinstalled it.

Official from Arch:

Seems to work.

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Does this mean i should remove and leave removed the xorgproto package? I reinstalled it after the update.

Don’t know. But Arch just had this on their pages.

Yes, the details from the remove dead Xorg packages here :


  • xorgproto
    remove provides/conflicts/replaces on =(‘bigreqsproto’ ‘compositeproto’ ‘damageproto’ ‘dmxproto’ ‘dri2proto’ ‘dri3proto’ ‘fixesproto’ ‘fontsproto’ ‘glproto’ ‘inputproto’ ‘kbproto’ ‘presentproto’ ‘printproto’ ‘randrproto’ ‘recordproto’ ‘renderproto’ ‘resourceproto’ ‘scrnsaverproto’ ‘videoproto’ ‘xcmiscproto’ ‘xextproto’ ‘xf86dgaproto’ ‘xf86driproto’ ‘xf86miscproto’ ‘xf86vidmodeproto’ ‘xineramaproto’ ‘xproto’)
    requires fixing/rebuilds:
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