Xfce4-terminal execute command to new instance

How can I setup xfce4-terminal to run a command and exit to a prompt in the new terminal instance?

Right now,

xfce4-terminal --command printenv

does nothing,

xfce4-terminal --command printenv --hold

shows me the environment variables. I’d like to get a prompt.

Instead I get

“The child process exited normally with status 0”.

I checked in ~/.config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc and Preferences. I see no setting to provide that functionality.

If you want it to run every time, you could put it in your .bashrc instead.

I suppose you could do something inelegant like:

xfce4-terminal -e 'bash -c "printenv && bash"'

I am trying to setup Thunar custom actions:

Edit - Configure custom actions.

The “open terminal here” sample does not work.

man xfce4-terminal provides an example to launch several tabs in one scoop:

xfce4-terminal --command printenv --tab --command ls

Is that functionality implemented in Endeavour OS?

Yes. But --command runs the command and then exits. So if you pass it things like printenv and ls they run so fast you probably never see them.

You can avoid that using the workaround I provided above.

That does work that way, yes.

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