XFCE4 Lockscreen using the wrong greeter

The xfce4 offline and online installations use the lightdm-slick-greeter for login and the stock lightdm for lockscreen menu

I’m using the latest ISO out of the box from an offline installation

I’m not 100% sure if this is correct but I think it may be by design - KDE is similar and uses a different program for lock screen vs login

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Mine’s done this for years - Linux Mint, then EnOS. Tbh, I’m not sure why.

Basically one is to actually login and the other is just to lock the screen - when you lock the screen you are still logged in and any programs still running remain running.

$ pacman -Ss xfce4-screensaver
extra/xfce4-screensaver 4.16.0-1 (xfce4-goodies)
    Xfce Screensaver

The application combines two functions: a screensaver that blanks the screen or fills it with images when the computer is idle; a locker that provides session security.

:eye: https://docs.xfce.org/apps/screensaver/start

Xfce4 screensaver does not use lightdm. If you take sddm it wil show the same as lightdm gtk greeter but does not use lightdm

So here is the simplist answer - lightdm is a dependancy of lightdm-slick-greeter

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I don’t think it answers OP report. The greeter is the GUI for lightdm. All greeters need lightdm.
The greeter is set in lightdm.conf.
It sounds odd if xfce calls a different greeter, instead of using what is in lightdm configuration.

The issue sounds like a perception, but I can’t tell of what.
A photo, if OP provides it, might give more valid predictions for our Crystal Balls :crystal_ball: .

You can test the greeter, if you want:

man dm-tool
man lightdm

Is not xflock4 script handle this?

If you use light-locker yeah :smile:

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xfce4-screenlocker does not use a greeter afterall. looking at lightdm is a wrong path uinless you use light-locker theb you can use the current greeter that is in use. but xfce4-screensaver is kinda static, the lock greeter is just that of xfce4-screensaver nothing else more

and that’s what you can do to get the same greeter used as for the login screen:

yay -S light-locker

$ xfconf-query --create -c xfce4-session -p /general/LockCommand -t string -s "light-locker-command --lock"

and restart lightdm or reboot.

EndeavourOS do not set a locker:

<property name="LockCommand" type="empty"/>

in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml

We should set this to light-locker I think?
so it looks even for login and lock …

Not sure anymore… just tested this and lightlocker seems to run in addition to xfce4-screenlocker… what causes issues

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The last stable release of light-locker was v1.8, released in 2017; stuck on pre-release v1.9 (same as Arch repos) since 2019. I think we should stick with what we have.

So in short XFCE is using the lightdm-slick for login and light-locker that looks like lightdm for the lock screen and there is no light-locker-slick variant.

Ok that doesn’t make any sense and is a waste of resources but I guess it’s fine… Although a consistent look would be nice

No xfce4 does use xfce4-screensaver. The lockscreen looks like lightdm-gtk-greeter but it does not use lightdm… bit if you want use ligjtdm greeter is light locker the case but screensaver workd fine…



Ok, now I understand it partially. What I need to understand is how do I change the lock screen greeter or just the design and does it compromise security or increases the risk of having issues down the row

PS: I’m kind of new to Linux, I know some CLI basics, but desktop environment systems are mostly untouched ground for me

Xfce screensaver is kinda hardcoded hard to change takes theming from desktop and wallpaper…

This command will change locker to light-locker:

xfconf-query --create -c xfce4-session -p /general/LockCommand -t string -s "light-locker-command --lock"

and restart lightdm or reboot.