XFCE tip for drop down terminal (a la guake etc.)

Relevant to those who are using EOS w/ XFCE (like the offline install does).

One really useful thing I find about xfce4-terminal is that it natively has a drop-down mode. In other words, you don’t need to install things like guake, yakuake, tilda etc for just a drop down. You can start the terminal in drop down mode with:

$ xfce4-terminal --drop-down

Best is to map above to a key, and have your drop down native xfce terminal. First thing I do when I use xfce.



I really like Xfce’s terminal! This is what mine usually looks like:

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And welcome to the forum!

Cool! Something I did not know about xfce4-terminal and will put to good use.

Indeed. XFCE4-term is highly liked among those that don’t need more fancy terms like terminator etc. It is my goto. I love EOS’s theming of it (the background color). I was just remarking to myself that the vim native colorscheme murphy looks rather nice on EOS xfce.

Thank you for the welcome. Hope to contribute tech tips, and help new users get the system going/iron out config issues etc. Just my little way of giving back to a mighty fine distro.


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Welcome to the community :beers:

Drop-down mode is very useful - and in my case I extend it a little bit with:

xfce4-terminal --drop-down -e set-terminal

where the (executable) script file (located on the path) opens up extra tabs, already set to various locations I visit often… like:

xfce4-terminal --tab --drop-down --working-directory=/usr/share/conkywx
xfce4-terminal --tab --drop-down --working-directory=/home/freebird/Downloads
xfce4-terminal --tab --drop-down --working-directory=/home/freebird

Saves time and always give you a terminal to switch to if you run something, and then need one for something else before it comes back :grin: Only useful for those who don’t think far enough ahead to have started the first thing with & appended of course…