XFCE Theme's installation

Greetings all,

I am quite new to Arch-based OS and decided to give new life to an old laptop considering that Endeavour OS has easier installation than vanilla Arch.
I was trying to install some themes for the default xfce desktop https://www.xfce-look.org/.
I followed the instructions and installed them in ~/.local/share/ themes, but it does matter what I do they do not seem to work. The window manager works, but when I try to apply them through the Appearance configuration, they simply revert to basic xfce.
I hope someone has experience modifying or installing and guide me in the right direction.


systemwide is /usr/share/themes

for personal , ~/.themes is also like mouse themes, or icons ~/.icons

the ~ is generaly your home , /home/name/

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You are correct, the place to store user themes is ~/.local/share/themes

Just extract the download file to this location

The problem might be that recently xfce was upgraded to 4.14 which uses gtk3, and so the themes you want to install need to be gtk3 ones, else it just defaults to the standard theme

Hope that helps


Thanks, it seems that was the case. I tried some gtk3 themes, and they worked.
Although, I still don’t understand very well when they mention they are tested in Gnome. I understand that it is a different Desktop Manager, but what is the relation with a xfce theme? Is it different because endevourOS runs close the Arch, than for example xfce installed on Ubuntu?

@alfa33333: Gtk themes use common widgets (eg buttons text boxes etc) so a theme on gnome should work on xfce, the underlying distribution should not matter. Just check description of the theme you like works for your DE.

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Thanks! i was worried because some of the themes screenshots have other fancy quirks that do not show when I use them, specially in the file browser. So I guessed, It must be due to the desktop environment or the application does not have that configuration.