Xfce terminal space problem while stacking

The bottom part of the terminal has a noticeable space. This is fresh install and I haven’t changed anything. Thanks.

Are you not able to drag the bottom handle to expand it?


You might have wanted to hide username from shell prompt.

Now that you mention it, I’ve had similar spacing and ghost artifacts from other workspaces when tiling xfce4-terminal. I’ve seen this in Xmonad and Spectrwm. Sometimes it’s nearly the height of a line. It’s inside the frame the WM draws.

I might put on my todo list to try out some alternatives to see if they do the same. Likely if they inherit code from each other.

@andrewb right now this happens only with xfce terminal in xfce. Doesnt happen in i3

Have you taken a good look at your settings in terminal? TThere are a number of things that might affect that - sizing, size of tabs (whether there are tabs) - in drop-down mode or not, borders, titlebars…

It is pretty flexible, which can easily lead to unexpected artifacts…

just sayin'

No, nothing like that for me. Just a plain xfce4-terminal in xmonad/spectrwm. No menu bar, no toolbar. Scrollbar on the right. Pretty plain.

The problem appears to be a window repaint issue for me, as returning to a window/desktop with xfce4-terminals leaves old window/desktop contents in the bottom part of the window.

The problem may not be present immediately, but usually after some activity, the gap appears and it stays there.

Spectrwm lets one iconify a window and to un-iconify it. This sometimes helps, but not consistently and not for long.

Just some weird repaint issue. lightdm may be a player here too, for me.

GUess I’m not going to be any help on this one, then. Not in the WM game (too old) - and would probably do the dwm thing if I were still to try…

Good luck - and I hope someone with assistance finds this thrread soon!

I’m using xfce4-terminal with Openbox and in addition to the bottom there is a similar unused space at the top too. Much like the active display area is a box within the window. I just assumed it was supposed to be that way and kept on truckin’.

Oh, this was not intentional? I thought xfce4-terminal wanted to do something like i3 gaps or something to have some division. Was this not the case? :thinking:

solution - https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/t/xfce-terminal-borders-unevenly/71482/3

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