Xfce online themed, vanilla or option to themed?

The vanilla install of Xfce in the online installer has been talked about on the Forum, Telegram and the internet.

We’ve decided, since we dropped the development of theming for the other DEs, that Xfce should be installed as vanilla, to make it more in line with the other DEs.

We read and hear the wish to either bring back the themed Xfce install or put the option to the theme in the welcome app.

So, I think it’s time for a poll and remember, this is for the online installer:

  • Xfce vanilla
  • Xfce themed
  • Xfce themed option EOS-Welcome

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Oops I didn’t see the 3rd option when I voted themed. I think it’s a much better idea to have the option on the welcome app

Yesterday was the first time I had seen the vanilla version of XFCE. I think it’s ugly but it would be better to leave it vanilla and have the option on the welcome menu to switch to the Endeavour theme


I hope a Plasma user can give som input here to, even if I’m not using Xfce?

I’m going with Archnoob here, as most DEs besides Deepin and Pantheon, are ugly out of the box. Even my beloved Plasma looks like dogs vomit before you tweek it to your liking.

If there’s a button to remove the eyesore fast, more people will use the EOS themeing.

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Giving that option means more work for us, especially DEs like Gnome and Plasma, which have a tight release schedule, are vulnerable for breaking themes every time a major release has landed.

With Xfce, we kind of “spoiled” some Xfce users with our custom theming before, hence the poll. :wink:

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Xfce themed option in EOS-Welcome seems a good option. I prefer vanilla but i can understand that the good-theming made by the EndeavourOS team can be a good starting point. So with a EOS-Welcome option, the choice will be to end-users.

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I would pick vanilla, it saves you develop guys work and I theme it the way I want anyway.

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Hey - remember this is work they’ve already done! :grin: Of course the theme may not end up as they have it, but there is a LOT of good stuff in the right direction there…


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I think most people would be using the online installer so, would most want it themed or vanilla? My personal opinion is i don’t think it matters. Since they already spent the time and work to make it themed i would leave it. People who are going to change their set up are going to do it whether it’s themed already or not! Why change the work already done? I would rather see the button on the Welcome screen to change it to vanilla. Besides, what’s the point of changing it to vanilla if they are just going to customize it anyway? Other than a starting point of bare bones!

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One point of having it themed is that shows the “soul” of Endeavour immediately to a new user, and to reviewers.

The latter might go “Meh, it’s vanilla Xfce”, but on the other hand, why build a distro to please reviewers?

I like it themed and besides i thought it was the flagship of EndeavourOS so i would leave it themed. As i said before those who are going to change it are going to do it anyway whether it’s themed or vanilla. So, i think they should leave it themed!

To make it more clear, we’re talking about the themed XFCE that already exists, not getting themes for the other DEs. :wink:

I would most assurdly at least leave the Installation media themed. You need to promote yourself too. Upon installation if possible I would have the option between base stock XFCE and EXFCE.

It does look pretty darn good. But, alas, almost everyone does their thing. That’s kind of the Linux way. I’ve never used a default theme for anything.

Yes i understand. In other words keeping the online install of Xfce themed like the offline version. Is this correct? My opinion is stated above since Xfce is the flagship version of EndeavourOS i would leave it themed both for Offline and Online. Just my opinion! Whoever is going to change it will do so whether it’s vanilla or not. Those who want the standard vanilla then have the option on the Welcome to change it. Again…just my opinion.

I too saw no need to change what the original setup was - but I guess they were going for more consistency (?) Me, I am just lazy, and I appreciate how much less I have to do to make the XFCE workable/livable! Plus, I still have yet to figure out how they managed to get the audio plugin to be sized the same as the others (huge by default)!

All I’m after is having it available, especially as they did the work already. I would find it harder to suggest that they need to do it starting now…


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I just don’t see the point in changing it. It’s the flagship version of EndeavourOS whether you install it online or offline. Those who are going to change it can change it to vanilla so as far as I’m concerned it would be easier to just have a button on the welcome screen to change it to vanilla if it’s easy to do.

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Welcome app is going to have buttons for installing the EndeavourOS theme and the vanilla theme. As @Bryanpwo said, they are only for Xfce.

The implementation is almost done, and then some testing will be needed. So it is coming soon.


At the end we are not a Desktop focused distro everyone has to take it in account also. unless there other dynamical plan can come :slight_smile: