Xfce offline installer

Hi Endeavour Team,Congrats for new iso but one humble request I wish to have xfce offline installer instead of kde wef from this Galileo nov 2023 release iso. Hence request you the team of Endeavour to reintroduce xfce as offline installer from next iso release

Please read this post to understand why XFCE is no longer the default offline installer.

If you would like to contribute to the team please feel free to reach out.


I also gave you the answer on our website.

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But even though can u consider xfce as offline installer in next release .Thanks and all the best for future releases .Your Team had done a fantastic job in maintaining the projects

Have you read the announcement? People left the project and our team is small. Galileo’s goal was to lighten the work, not straining the team with more hassle.


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