What's the default environment of the ISO?

Is it true that now the default environment is KDE?

From what I’ve seen on YouTube it was xfce until today, but is it KDE now ?

Please read the article on the new publication of Galileo

Here you will find a statement from @Bryanpwo

Do you think that by chance the lack of devs would be able to result in the project closing permanently?

That statement is kinda scary ngl, doesn’t seem too good

It would be very sad, cuz it’s a very popular distro, even distro watch has it on top of the list

I don’t think so. The team may be small, but it is focussed on a functioning EndeavourOS


As @swh already wrote, we have done everything to go on, even with a skeleton team. :wink:


I much appreciate your efforts guys, you’re legendary!

Keep up the good work!


Y’all are probably the most friendly Linux community, no one, neither the ones from mint managed to explain things this well to me :slight_smile:


The magic here is a little bit of all the right variables that make the experience enjoyable. When the staff decided on this specific forum platform, they certainly made the right choice and the best choice. I am very much not a fan of forum platforms like the one Debian uses. It just doesn’t have an engaging feel to it despite the amount of activity. This platform on the other hand is very engaging, has great features, and overall is quite enjoyable to use.

Edit: The only other forum I’ve seen that uses this platform is the dietpi community

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Well, wasn’t that the thing from the get go? I mean the skeleton crew? I unfortunately missed the “good old” Antergos days, but if the skeleton crew can do THIS it must have been hell of a ride back then.
Kudos to the small team - I totally forgot to mention that anywhere else, so here we go: Congrats and thank you Team! I love you!


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