Xfce: Kvantum Manager and font in Audacious

I once played around with the Kvantum manager qt5 under Xfce to make the Audacious interface a bit more attractive. It worked fine, but now the font in Audacious is a bit too big for a good overall picture. But I can’t find anything in Kvantum itself to change the font size of a theme on applied themes. I would like the font to be a bit smaller.

I found out myself: in the qt settings-manager qt5ct you can set the fonts for qt applications:


Glad to know this - but I should note that Audacious doesn’t quite force you to go with QT… if you don’t mind some determination!

Here how mine appears as at the moment - on xfce as well.

I will save up the info for when I am dragged kicking and screaming to using QT in the future, though :grin:


which theme is that?

Easiest is to post a piece of my conky. Lots of variations on these themes - and can be found on xfce-look and gnome-look.


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you can still use the gtk3 version from AUR or set the gtk3 flag and build from the qt version

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Haven’t figured out how to make this work as yet (haven’t looked at it much, really) and I have a mish-mash of solutions at the moment. Some of my distros run the AUR (previous version) - some have the upgrade on IgnorePkg - and some haven’t upgraded to the ‘force QT’ version yet! Lots of choices. Guess I should check if the other AUR version has a build flag for GTK in the PKGBUILD (it definitely doesn’t build that way by default!), and I don’t really want to page through the source code looking for the place to set it…

I now have audacious running on qt with the Kvantum Manager. It’s all right, will probably stay that way for now.

I’ve tried it and find it unusable on my screen - that is, with any of the Kvantum themes I have tried so far. In particular, I can’t get the secondary controls to be reasonably visible - and when I get close it fouls up in kid3 worse :grin: Glad you got it to go, though.

It works, at least everything is clearly visible. I also tried the gtk3 version from the AUR, but meanwhile I find too many settings there.

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