XFCE dark app theme in EndeavourOS

A newbie question.

I run EndeavourOS with an XFCE desktop environment.
Everything is working smooth and gorgeous. But I have two apps where I have problems with a dark theme (I use Ark-Dark). These apps aren’t dark:



I am sure these apps can be displayed in a dark mode, as I used them in dark mode before on Mint. But this is not an easy question to figure out without help. I tried but couldn’t find an appropriate article or discussion to solve this question.

Can you help me to make these apps dark? Without changing my desktop environment, I am happy with XFCE, only these 2 apps I prefer to have in dark.

Thank you in advance!

These are both QT5 apps, therefore you’ll need to configure their looks via qt5ct (from the package of the same name).

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Thanks! Can you please elaborate a little? I have never done this before and I am little afraid of doing something in a wrong way.

Should I:

  • Install qt5ct
  • Run qt5ct and there will be a dark theme?

So, the Ark-Dark theme you are using is a GTK theme using GTK toolkit.
But the apps you are using are based on Qt toolkit.
So you need to get the Qt theme according to the method mentioned by @ajgringo619 to get the dark theme for your Qt apps.
I hope this helps.



Please refer to the following article in EnOS Wiki:


Oh, thanks! For my shame I read this article, but decided it is not for my case. Sorry.

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No worries!
Hope you get it resolved with the help of the wiki article.

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Yes, it solves my question. Even easier than in article (without creating a directory).

  1. Install qt5ct and kvantum-qt5
  2. Run qt5ct and choose kvantum theme
  3. Relaunch qt5 applications

Done! Thanks!


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