XFCE Bar/Panel Bug?

My XFCE+i3wm install uses the panel from XFCE… which is kinda… crashing? Seems like most of it disappears but then comes back when I roll my mouse over it. Is there a way to fix this or perhaps capture a log to show the issue so I can escalate?

I think you may need to disable dex in your i3 config file.

I have based on the Bender tutorial.

Hmm - I would try to right click on the panel, select Panel/Panel Preferences and look at the setting of “automatically hide the panel”. It might be that simple…

Thanks but it is not set to hide - just seems like elements are disappearing / not rendering.

Just making sure - too often the things that ‘go wrong’ are too obvious to be caught! Right on down to “Is it plugged in?” at times! Hopefully someone with that setup will have a clue for you…

Confirmed panel is set to never hide.

It sounds more like a compositor issue. I’m assuming you’re still using picom and not compton?

Good idea. I have not changed from base install (other than the Bender setup).


I like that :point_up:

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So - I’m working on this currently :smile:


So, I’m not having any screen tearing currently.

Please verify that you don’t accidentally have two instances of picom running at the same time. For instance make sure it’s in your config OR your XFCE autostart program list - not both. Ideally you would have it starting from your i3 config.

Please try the latest or the lts kernel - whichever one you’re not already using - Kernels can break things. Are you on nvidia?

Sorry for the delay - I will get into this and report back.