Xfce 4.18 for Christmas

The Xfce roadmap has been updated https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.18/roadmap and v4.18 is scheduled for 15th December (and that’s 15th December this year 2022!).

This may of course slip… but as an added bonus there will be early Wayland support.



Sounds good, except I won’t believe it’s this year until it gets here.

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Can you give a reason, why?

When 4.16 came out 2 years ago, the developers promised to bring a new version every year from now on.

I have every confidence that it will be this millennium :upside_down_face:

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At least before we all go out to colonize the universe … :vulcan_salute:t2:


Possibly Xfce will also then be further developed by the AI that dominates us all. But should it be so that this AI runs with Xfce, I’m not worried about this world domination …

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No, but seriously, I’m glad to hear the guys are still alive and kicking. I’ll definitely check out 4.18. I at least much prefer Xfce to all the GNOMEs in the world dancing in circles.



Soon we get more Kde! :wink:


I’m already looking forward to it!

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I’m really happy with using Kde Plasma. On my Ryzen desktop i am running pstates and now cpu power configured ondemand. I am finding it is working very well with btrfs-assistant and snapper and back to grub. I do like using rEFInd also if multibooting. I have xfce on another Intel desktop also with btrfs and dual boot Windows 11 with Nvidia. Look forward to xfce 4.18 on that.


At the moment I’m a bit pissed off with KDE, hope a lot of little bugs have been fixed in the new version. Still, Plasma is my favorite DE. But Xfce is just plan B, which always runs … and runs … and runs …

I understand where you are coming from when something isn’t working properly for you. I just don’t understand why though as i have really no complaints with Kde. It works as well as Xfce but i find it’s just easier, smoother and faster to use. :man_shrugging:

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I can’t say anything bad about the performance either. But what always annoys me: It behaves like Firefox: constantly new features that hardly anyone needs, but old, partly ancient bugs are not really considered or even eliminated. I last had Xfce on it a little over a year ago, and was also very happy with it. Let’s see what’s in store for us now.

Me too, Plasma is more than sufficient for my needs.

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change to gtk3 was for xfce a big step :slight_smile: 4.18 is a pre-testing wayland version, so over another 2years hopefully wayland :slight_smile:

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I sure hope not.

Many of us here are a bit older. We are running out of time … Only those who are still young can wait that long :wink: .

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Whatever - it had to work and not choke over and over again …

bad or not wayland development mature also xfce can make there implent better then half

such as lxqt is experimenting but all de’s are busy on it… application general works is only session files and wm generally mate is also no wayland complient
but the apps do