Xcompmgr is very slow and laggy (slow motion when moving windows)

xcompmgr is very slow and performs much worse than the Xfce4 default compositor (it tears sometimes and is orders of magnitude slower).
When moving mouse pointer it often freezes and then snaps to where it should be.
If you enable Xfce compositor xcompmgr still runs as it’s executed from the .xinitrc file so it starts first?

Why not just use the the xfwm compositor?

That’s on laptops with intel atom, celeron N2830 / n4200 CPUs. I expect same to happen on my workstation which intentionally has low end gpu (gt210 or worse).

I’m aware that I can disable it easily (put only 'exec startxfce4 in .xinitrc). Most don’t even know that .xinitrc or .xprofile exist. Just asking for more sane defaults.

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You where talking about installed system or the LiveSession from ISO?

Sorry, didn’t menfion it in OP. It’s the live iso.
Is this live iso only thing?
I rely on the iso as means to use vnc over ssh on machines that have no linux installed or I just don’t trust the installd OS.

Thought picom was the way to go? Is xcompmgr still developed…?

we do have this only on the ISO installed system will not use this, it is a workaround for some hardware having issue loading the live-session, but could be that it is not needed anymore also.

Seems to me like that’s the case. IDK about other distros doing this.
Reminds a bit of the vt_handoff parameter which is Ubuntu specific but causes more problems than it solves.
For me this is minor nuisance, I’ll just rebuild my iso with xcompmgr disabled. I like the distro and report with hope to see the distro improve.