xBrowserSync alternative to sync bookmarks between different browsers?

Once upon a time there was xBrowserSync which was great for syncing your bookmarks between Firefox and Chrome without any manual intervention required. The developer abandoned the project and I haven’t seen any alternatives.

Do you happen to know of any FOSS services that can do just that? I use Floorp and Vivaldi specifically and want to keep the bookmarks between them sync’d. It’s so annoying manually having to edit one after the other.

Alternativeto exists:

Floccus, looks like what you’re looking for, but you’ll have to check the details for yourself.

PS: If you’ve never heard of alternativeto, please tell all your friends. It helps people to learn about alternatives to the standard proprietary and invasive tools, like OSes, software, addons, etc. Though that is not its purpose.

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Interesting, I’ll check out floccus. Thanks

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