Xbox One X controller does not work wired

So, my problem is that while my Xbox One X controller is able to work with my PC just fine if I connect them via Bluetooth, it does not get detected whatsoever if I try to plug it in via USB. I’ve tried multiple cables, and I’ve also tried connecting other devices to see if the USB port was faulty. Both tests gave me no valuable information. I need help with this.

Make sure you have the xpad package installed.

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I did. That didn’t change anything.

I’m not really sure if xpad didn’t work. That’s the official drivers for Xbox controllers. I had to use the xpadneo AUR for the Bluetooth on my series elite controller, but xpad should work on all wired Xbox controllers.

Yeah, I’m not sure if xpad itself didn’t work, but my controller was not able to connect to my PC via USB even when I had xpad installed.