Xbacklight isn't working - i3 edition

Also when I was using the xfce version I could run xbacklight with no problems, but now that I installed the i3 version it won’t do anything. Any ideas why it might be so and how to fix it?

Do you have xorg-xbacklight package installed?
Are you using Intel drivers?
Do you see any output when you are trying to execute xbacklight?
Does it work as root (with sudo)?

  • Yes I have it installed
  • Nvidia and Intel ( I have a laptop )
  • No I don’t see any output
  • Nope

I eventually found out an alternative to xbacklight that works for me. It’s called brightnessctl
You use it like this:
brightnessctl s 10%- to decrease the brightness
brightnessctl s 10%+ to increase the brightness

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acpilight is another nice package. It’s xbacklight replacement, but based on acpi and working with other than Intel drivers. It can be used with the same options as xbacklight :slight_smile:

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