X Fatal Error (can't even login via tty)

Hi everyone! Sorry about this, while thus far I’ve been able to solve issues like this myself with this one I’m really at a loss.
When I opened my machine yesterday morning the gui couldn’t boot properly, and concerningly when I tried to login via tty to investigate the problem I got the error in the attached image (sorry about low quality, it only appeared for a split second before the tty reset so I had to take a video and screenshot it).
It’s a Dell laptop with both an Nvidia GPU and Intel GPU. I was trying to fix a display issue the other day and in the process changed around some Nvidia settings. This error didn’t occur then but obviously I think they’re related.
Is there a way to access Endeavour’s command line without logging in, or otherwise to not try and execute X when opening tty? Thanks!

Edit: I should note, the xscreensaver and feh errors are just from my startup script in case that’s relevant

is this i3 ?

some mor einfo would may help… what exactly you do to setup dualgraphics per example…
but indeed welcome here on the purple side and i am sur ewe can solve this! :enos:


Thanks for the swift reply! It’s not i3, I installed dwm on top of the xfce iso. I was hoping to include some kind of error log but I can’t access any kind of command line. (and I am enjoying the purple side I’ve been loving using this system, eager to get it fixed!)

you do run this on the livesession?

i bet not you mean insztalled xfce4 from iso and DWM on top…
you will nee dto boot to single user mode:

so you will be able to login and run commands… you may go to reset drivers to nouveau by using:
nvidia-inst -n reboot got Xserver working and reconfigure graphics setup.

it’s not a live session it’s a full install

Awesome! Would this still be possible if i’m not using grub? This is one of my first linux installs and from what I can tell when I installed I chose systemd-boot instead.

Boot to an installer ISO, and chroot to your installation. This logs into root account and no X.

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good question :wink:

but its the same basically you can press e on the boot menu and end to reach end of the bootline sperate with space and add 1

1 stands for Boot into emergency rescue mode (single user mode).

added wiki for systemd-boot:


chroot wikis

  1. https://discovery.endeavouros.com/system-rescue/arch-chroot/2022/12/
  2. https://discovery.endeavouros.com/system-rescue/fix-arch-linux-boot-with-arch-chroot/2021/12/

Great, I’m able to access the command line now, hopefully I’ll be able to fix my Xorg. Thanks for the help!

UPDATE for those having a similar issue to the one I initially described:
It turns out my xorg config files were all wonky somehow. I reinstalled the nvidia package, removed my conf files under /etc/X11/ (not including those in subdirectories) and rebooted. Working fine now.


configs should always go as dropins with .conf under /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ *.conf not use /etc/X11/xorg.conf file directly…

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