Wrong OS Picked by security section of account


It is not Google Chrome as listed as OS logged in

Yandex browser from Russia. Nimble agile at task.Light weight. Most modern one based on chromium. Lowest RAM.

It is the browser which chooses how to identify itself. What is user agent set to in the browser you are using?

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will show what your browser reports for you.

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I can see this in user agent field description for Yandex Browser( blink,chromium and other software based) along with other browser descriptions
YaBrowser/ Yowser/2.5

for me, it shows up exactly the browser i am using… in discourse security tab…
Could be you are using some VPN or similar?

Nope. No VPN was being used when user agent status checked.
My ISP has collaboration with Google for its network. That is all i know.