Write but no read access

I have a weird issue with a lot of files which I can write but not read. And I am not able to change the permissions.


34# file wencke-18te.xcf
wencke-18te.xcf: writable, regular file, no read permission

35# ll wencke-18te.xcf
.rw-r--r-- matthias matthias 41 MB Thu Aug  3 16:00:46 2017  wencke-18te.xcf

36# getfacl wencke-18te.xcf 
# file: wencke-18te.xcf
# owner: matthias
# group: matthias

37# chmod 644 wencke-18te.xcf
chmod: changing permissions of 'wencke-18te.xcf': Input/output error

And chmod does not even work as root. I tried chmod and chown as root but that gives the same error.

The file is on an ecryptfs home directory. I can login just fine and many files are ok with read/write. But some are not. Any idea how I can fix that?

The first thing that comes to mind is immutable status, but that should say “Operation not permitted”.

If you make a copy of the file, can you edit the new copy?

I can not copy because I can not read the file.

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