Would you be interested in buying EndeavourOS merchandise?

Thanks for that @manyroads, was curious about how those stores worked, and if there had to be any sort of official tie-in or permissions granted by the Distro owners etc.

Pity it’s not as successful as you’d like, and hope it does better for you in the future! :slight_smile: :+1:

It was just genuine curiosity about how those stores in general worked, as I’d imagine the profits per item would be pretty small, and dicing that up between various parties would drive it to the point where it’d perhaps be unsustainable.

Hi, @Sar. I truly meant no disrespect. It was an interesting and legitimate question, and I appreciated @manyroads willingness to answer, too.

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Per @Bryanpwo’ s request, I have removed the EOS merchandise from my redbubble store (I never placed it on teespring).

Be aware there is other material for EOS on redbubble (and probably everywhere else you look). :wink:


The two of us who’re mainly working on it already have RPi4s but thanks for the offer; it’s very kind (note, at this stage I want to make it clear I’m just helping out; I’m not an EOS developer or what have you). That said, as I’m getting more involved I’m looking to get a hold of a few different SBCs to help support the effort moving forward as both my ARM boards are RPis (2 and 4).

Now you can get a sticker

Get it here


I would throw my money at a sweatshirt. If you guys want any die-cut stickers, I have no issue purchasing like 100 of them for the community. Let me know.

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I think most of us can just picture where the EndeavourOS logo would be located. :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:


What about a man-kini with sails to cover your precious?

The man of man-kini


Don’t think I am printing stickers for my own pleasure. They have been printed to make it possible to push some €’s at EndeavourOS team for they hard work.


Lol, I can never unsee what’s above. :rofl:

Another sticker vote here, + mousemat, and also would need to reckon in the shipping. Good idea about Pi’s with Endeavour on too! (Never used one, but can definitely see the attraction).

Makes you want to glue your eyes shut. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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Absolutely, stickers for my laptops. Especially to cover the Meta key with the EndeavourOS Logo, maybe a “Power By EndeavourOS” sticker to mimic the Intel and AMD CPU Stickers :grin:


To make things a bit clear, @Root and we came to an agreement that he will be our official sticker supplier and we are discussing further designs.
More will be revealed in the official announcement that is coming on September 19th.


Zardoz is a fantastic movie, witch I highly recommend, and not only because Sean Connery in a red thong. It’s… unique!

A Pi with a Endeavour logo would be a cool thing!

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I’m not sure that “Endeavour Inside” has the same ring to it… :wink:

As a sidenote: There was a short lived Power Girl comic a few years ago that was great and very tongue in cheek. One of her antagonists was a Zardoz parody character.


Yes! Especially if I can get things shipped to the US without having to pay the same amount again in shipping costs.



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Now I can’t unsee it, lol, I’d best look it up … I mean, Sean Connery in a red thong isn’t too terrible once I get used to it. :rofl:

And, yes, I’d buy my 1st Pi if Endeavour was involved! :+1:t2:


You know what would be useful for that? A couple of EndeavourOS stickers! :rofl: