Would this partitioning scheme work?

Hello EndeavourOS community!

I’m planning on dual booting EndeavourOS and Windows 10 and sharing some partitions between the two. I’m rather new when it comes to Linux so I was hoping someone more experienced could give me some advice and confirm if what I’m describing will even work.

Currently, I have Windows installed on a SATA SSD with a data partition on a separate HDD. I want to add in an NVME SSD which will hold the EndeavourOS install and an NTFS partition to be shared between Linux and Windows. I’d also like to share the partition on the HDD if possible.

This is how I plan on partitioning things:

SATA SSD - Windows (untouched)

HDD - DATA (shared between Windows and Linux)


  1. /boot/efi - 300 MB
  2. / - 60 GB (root partition)
  3. /home - 100 GB
  4. DATA2 - rest of the drive (shared between Windows and Linux)

For swap I’d use a swap file.

If more details are needed, I’ll gladly provide them.

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Have you already been sharing partitions and file systems this way? If not, you might want to run a few searches and do some reading. If I remember correctly, you will want to make sure Windows is configured to fully shutdown (instead of enabling fast boot or fast start or whatever MS calls that). I am sure there other nuances to this type of sharing and a few web searches and some reading can help you avoid any issues up front. Conversations like this one are informative: https://askubuntu.com/questions/113733/how-to-mount-a-ntfs-partition-in-etc-fstab

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Thank you friends <3

Yea, I’ve been reading up on that over the past few days. Fast startup is already off and hibernation is set to never.

Still reading up on ntfs3 and ntfs-3g. Would be cool to be able to share my steam library as well, but after reading the part about data loss I think I’m gonna leave it for now.

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I would recommend a smaller space for root partition (30 GiB) unless you want to install large apps like Unreal Engine but otherwise it is fine.

That’s a fair point.

I picked 60 GB because I never really used linux as my “main” os before, so I wanted to be on the safe side.

I don’t think I’ll install anything too large to be honest. Only ones I can think off would be PyTorch (via Anaconda), DaVinci Resolve, Reaper and VSTs using Wine. Tho, I assume Anaconda and Wine related things would go in /home (or another location can be chosen). I’m still learning so I could be totally wrong when it comes to this.

Even if you’re using BTRFS with snapshots, 60 GB should be plenty. Mine is sitting at around 40 GB after 2 months (since install).

I’m on the other fence, always better to have more free space than to run out…I typically do huge root partitions…course my home is also on there.

Screenshot from 2022-08-21 21-16-06

Looks like it’s working so far.

I’ve decided to not make the NTFS partition on the NVME, since it would kind of defeat the purpose of trying to make Endeavour my main OS. I made it ext4 instead and use it as a data partition.

The HDD isn’t mounted yet, but should be once I finish making some backups in case it goes wrong. I did some testing in a VM with a virtual drive and I think I have an idea on how to do it.

Thank you all for the warm welcome and the tips! Stay safe <3