Would like to get some networking hardware adivce

It’s not that big! It look nice… I like it. Maybe you need one these to get around. It may not get you to the space station but I’m sure it’s a blast!

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I no tell on you… :rofl:

better if drop bar ,replace mirror+ change rear for single stop/turn signal. bin restictive pipe . then if you want buy me i except :rofl:

:pray: big time off topic …

Yes but is good hardware…

@itoffshore Thank you for the suggestion. I really would like to use the LAN drop that is already in the room.

@Shjim That was an example given so I could bypass some of the language barrier. Only one person in the local shop can speak English, and my Thai is limited.

Yes I know that I could buy it online. That is what mostly do. However, I do like buying from the local shops. This way, they are still there if I need something right away. Plus, when you know and are friends with the owner, you can sometimes get a discount and support if there are problems.

As for placement, The LAN drop was placed high up on the wall. The plan was to use it with a smart TV that was placed on top of our wardrobe. I plan on putting the AP on top of this wardrobe and the cables will be hidden.


This is the absolute worst scenario for WiFi. Since you have a LAN connection in the room already I would get an access point for the room. If you name the networks the same and use the same password you should be able to fairly seamlessly roam the house with decent signal.

I tend to prefer Cisco and DLink hardware but any wireless router should be able to be turned into an access point. Linksys makes it fairly easy in their settings, you just enable bridge mode and now its an AP.