Would like to get some networking hardware adivce

Need some advice. My knowledge of network hardware is very limited. I have a WiFi router/ fibre modem that was given to us by the ISP. It is dual band, 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, and for the most part it works great. However, when I am in the bedroom with the door shut, I loose the 5 GHz signal completely and the 2.4 GHz signal is only at 50%. This is because the walls are constructed of concrete and rebar.

Since we air condition each room separately, we have to keep the door closed when the AC is running. When I was redoing the electrical in the house before we moved in, I did a LAN drop to the bedroom. Is there something I could plug into it to add WiFi to the room or extend the range of my existing WiFi?

I would ask the local shop, but I am running into a language barrier, my Thai is not up to the task and Punyawee’s (my Thai wife) English does not extend to tech stuff.


If you have a LAN drop in that room you could put a wired access point in that room.

There are also range extenders but given the issues you are describing I don’t think that would be your best option.


Thanks.I hate to ask this, but can you provide a link to one? When I go into the local shop, it would be great to show them a picture or give them a website they can translate from.

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Weird though, i’ve thought wi-fi signal (at least 2.4GHz, coz it’s stronger than 5 GHz) should drop that hard only through glazed tile :man_shrugging:

The only problem with a picture is most access points look just like routers.

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WiFi Extender/Access Point Archives - D-Link Thailand (dlink.co.th)

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We are running into a broadcast power issue. Thailand throttles the power that routers are allowed to broadcast at. For example, in the US, on the 2.4 GHz band it is 30dBm vs 20dBm in Thailand. This makes a big difference.


Thank you all for the information. Now that I know what to look for, I will be going into the shop tomorrow and see what they have.


For wireless APs I can only recommend Ubiquiti products. I have had consistently good luck with them. Previously I was using a Unifi UAP Pro which I had running for a good 8 years before I had to retire it, simply because they were no longer patching the firmware. I replaced with a Unifi Nano HD https://store.ui.com/products/uap-nanohd-us?_pos=2&_sid=0bd5df10a&_ss=r which has been in service for 2 years now without any issues. Additional running the Unifi Controller Software allows you to fine tune the channels selection, the channel width, and the transmission power, which is really helpful in crowded areas. The range and mbps is also fantastic. Truly excellent device for the price.

I would also consider Netgear products, but definitely stay away from DLink, ten years ago I went through three N Wireless Routers made by DLink, pure junk. Anyway good luck finding something that works for you.



I also like the Netgear access point. It’s fairly reasonable in price also @ $79.99 Cdn

If your house has copper wiring powerline adapters are a good choice.

The speed is better than wifi - I’ve been using them for years.


Isn’t the whole point to get wireless in the second room? He already has an ethernet drop there.

what @itoffshore say it can do both. use wired or wifi

But if there is an ethernet drop in the same room, it makes very little sense to use powerline networking.

Powerline is much more sensitive than a dedicated ethernet line. The purpose of powerline networking is for when you don’t have dedicated wiring.

so you stick this big thing in room ?

that pointless + over kill for op want

Edit … agree powerline no need as op have cable

The OP asked for a picture or an example of an access point.

In general, an ethernet port to an access point will give you a solution that will be both more reliable and economical than a powerline alternative. I agree that the powerline solution would be physically smaller but I am not sure that would be my top priority in that situation.

Also, we are assuming that powerline networking even works or is available where the OP is. It doesn’t work with all electrical setups.

it work … i use , if modern thai house /buliding .

Edit . agree it need new wire in house/building

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Yes you are right but so can the Netgear Access Point. It has wireless and also Ethernet ports on the back of it. If the OP already has a Network drop in the room either method is good so it depends on the placement of the Access point also. Keeping lose cabling off the floor or routed to it is the only issue. Unless you are using all WiFi then it doesn’t matter.

yes… no every one want big thing like that in room + over kill if only want wifi . my wife kill me if put thing in room that look like it can control inter national space station :rofl:

ok if want wire connect for lot thing