Would a 32 bit-build based on archlinux32 be possible?

Hi there! first post. Well, I wanted to ask if it was theoretically possible to base an EndeavourOS build based on the archlinux32 project, which is an active and alive project at maintaining archlinux for 32 bit computers. Of course both projects are different and maintaining repos and packages may not be the easiest job either, however, my question isn’t directed as a request, my question is directed as “Is it possible” as in, can you do it? what are the difficulties ahead of such a build?

I understand that 32 bit computers aren’t being manufactured anymore and that OSes are moving onto 64 bit builds only (with some OSes not even providing a 32 bit library, like the recent case of macOS) however, this is not so much a case of hardware availability but rather about software possibility instead.

Thank you if you’ve taken your time to read this question!


First of all welcome to the community.
Technically it is possible, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort to start a project like this. You’ve already stated that 32-bit machines aren’t made anymore and it is very difficult to keep the line straight between a 32 and 64 bit ISO since a lot of apps aren’t going to be compatible with 32 bit anymore.
My wish in the back of my mind is to come with an ARM-based EndeavourOS in the future. Certainly, after I’ve seen the segment by @ZebedeeBoss and @MichaelTunnell on the Pinebook Pro.


Arch Linux already has an Arm branch. https://archlinuxarm.org/

I have Arch Linux Arm installed on an Odroid XU4 with samba for a Windows server, ssh for a Linux server, minidlna for a DLNA server, and last but not least a Plex server.



Ah, thank you very much for answering my question! At least we all know that is indeed possible, but you’re right that such an effort is not very worth it, and apps in one end may not be compatible with each other so that adds the work, thanks for taking the time to answer my question though!

As for the Pinebook Pro. Indeed, ArchLinux has an ARM-branch so that’s possible, however, my only worry is that the Pinebook Pro availability may be somewhat limited, as I have heard of people having troubles or difficulties trying to buy these units with the original model (Pinebook). As opposed to RPi devices because they are available almost anywhere and shipping out constantly. It would be a neat project though and I support the idea because an ARM laptop like that is something you don’t see everyday


This would be AWESOME! :smiley:

Arch Linux ARM is not a part of the Arch Linux project, it is a separate project. It is quite useful though and is great but I don’t think it works with the Pinebook.

The worst thing about ARM is that builds have to be made on a device basis unlike x86 that just works on the architecture.

Technically Arch Linux ARM supports Pine64 and Rock64 but I am not sure if that means it will support the Pinebooks or not.

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I’m attempting to adapt the archiso-offlineinstaller and make a cinnamon desktop based off of arch32 I have a bootable iso how ever it only works on bios and isn’t going to be released on till I can totally figure out the bootia32.efi files and get macOS and clover and PC UEFI bios to see it the topic if any of you can help is here Archlinux32 using the iso remastering kit with 32bit uefi bios I’ve edited the script may times even renaming the boot{arch}.efi if you can help me get the EFI files configuerd correctly I’m planning to release the remastering tool for others to use.

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It’s a fork of the endeavoros tools

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I’ve rebuilt all the packages for i686 (32bit) and made it so you can install with calamares


I wondered about 32 bit myself.

I’ve stumbled across endeavorOS by chance while distro hopping and absolutely love the 64 bit. Beautiful and well done team ! I do however have quite a few 32Bit machines kicking about and wondered about 32 versions. be interesting to look at @Austcool version