World’s first RISC-V Laptop gets a massive upgrade and equips with Ubuntu


How slow is it?

Also I really do like framework, I hope the next time I’m in the market for a laptop they’ll be selling one with specs I can accept (I mean I at least need a damn GPU)

Edit: To answer my own question, this is how slow:

Oof, those benchmarks are kind of brutal. :face_with_peeking_eye:

The RISC-V stuff is probably not going to be actually competetive for quite some time. To be fair, Framework is reasonably up front about this in the blog post announcement:

“This Mainboard is extremely compelling, but we want to be clear that in this generation, it is focused primarily on enabling developers, tinkerers, and hobbyists to start testing and creating on RISC-V. The peripheral set and performance aren’t yet competitive with our Intel and AMD-powered Framework Laptop Mainboards. This board also has soldered memory and uses MicroSD cards and eMMC for storage, both of which are limitations of the processor.”

Still pretty cool for devs and tinkerers that they can drop the mainboard into their regular laptop chassis, poke around with RISC-V for a while, and then slap their normal mainboard back in when they’re through and carry on with their day.

They came out with the Framework 16 a while ago that has a discrete GPU option. The dGPU is modular, so you can upgrade it as new cards are released. Or you can just pop out the dGPU altogether and use the PCIe x8 interface for extra storage or whatever (there is a hackable module for it).

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I see, so it’s not in the configuration settings when you buy, it’s something you buy separately.

7700s is a good card, but weaker than what i’ve got and on my next pc I will 100% want 16gb vram,my current one has 8gb and it’s quite frequently just plain not enough.

Their CPU option is 10/10 though, if i could pick any laptop cpu in the world, their options are basically my #1 and #2 options lol.