Works fine until I install my Nvidia drivers

Sorry, I must go now. Hopefully @joekamprad or others can help you further. I’ll be back much later today. :smile:

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Could be that the 1050 is not working with bumblebee…

@joekamprad I also tried with the normal drivers, it still leads to a black screen but it’s better than the bumblebee version because it let me switch to a tty, the bumblebee version seemed to lock my keyboards.

Edit: I need to switch back to my old OS because I need to get some work done. If anyone else comes to this problem feel free to continue the thread.

So. I’m reinstalling Endeavour after having to work for a while. does anyone have any new insight on this. I’m asking ahead of my install just incase it doesn’t work well.

Take a look at my older posting. So the something else away. I think you have similar or the same hardware as me.
An additional article was also created in the eos wiki.
Simply start with the nvidia driver from the eos-iso, although there is something else in the menu. if it starts from the iso with the nvidia driver anyway, start the installation. that shovels the driver onto the plate with the installation. and so on … look in my article, or posting, and the reference to the wiki article.
the attempt doesn’t hurt. if the other way doesn’t work anyway.

I’ve already installed it without the Nvidia drivers sadly, but I will look into your post albeit not able to read German.


I’m not sure why but my session runs on wayland therefore this is not of much use to me. I also tried installing both bumblebee and regular drivers again and the same problem occurs.

Edit: I switched to X and it works! Thanks

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