Wordle game


It’s a fun game, a cross between the old board game Mastermind and Hangman. You have to guess a word in 6 tries, you get feedback on which letters are correct and whether they are in the right position. Every day you get a new set of words to guess.

It’s trivially easy if you have a dictionary file and grep (with tool assistance I can guess every word in 4 tries or less, so far), but quite fiendish without it… :slight_smile:

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That’s actually pretty fun.

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For 5 letter words, a good strategy is to try: RISEN, OCTAL, HUMPY.

Lightweight :wink:


The grep dictionary method cheat shines on long words:


But it slightly struggles on 4 letter words.

https://wordlegame.org/ is a copy, the original is here https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/

Edited to avoid any misunderstanding

Wordle 218 3/6


the more letters the word, the easier it becomes.

this made me curious what the difference between license and licence is. I’ll maybe search for it someday :slight_smile:

:us: :uk:

thanks, I’m too lazy to search at this hour :slight_smile:

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