Won't install with a jfs formatted partition on drive: FIXED

OK. So who else still uses JFS formatted partitions today?
Well I do … never had any corruption in 10 years+ of using it for a multi-user home.

To the point:
The installation will always stall at “waiting for 1 module” no matter how long one waits.


mv /usr/sbin/jfs-debugfs /usr/sbin/jfs-debugs-orig

ln -s ls /usr/sbin/jfs-debugfs

Now obviously the only necessary thing accomplished in those 2 lines are to not run jfs-debugfs AND to keep the installation program running without it.

NOTE: I am not trying to use the jfs partition for anything in the install. Just being on the hard drive is enough to permanently “stall” the installation.

Great distro. I’m coming over from Antergos. I have BlueStar installed but I am not a plasma/kde fan.

Are you not able to boot up on the ISO and use gparted and create a GPT partition then close it and launch the installer? Then use erase disc with or without swap and install? I take it you wanted to keep using jfs file system?

Your suggestion seems to involve erasing the very GPT partition that I would have just made: “Then use erase disc …”

I did not want to erase any of my 3 hard drives. But I do agree with you that you would have to do that if the drive had any partition formatted to jfs… unless you followed my instructions before running the installer.

I have about 30 distros on my computer. Now EndeavourOS is one more of them as well. It runs well.

My topic is only relevant to those who might have a jfs formatted partition that they needed to keep. It is in way of a suggestion rather than a question.

Thanks for the reply.

Now I have a clearer picture. :grin: What brought you to Endeavour?

I like arch based distros and Antergos is no more. I use BlueStar but I am not that fond of kde apps.

I was also an Antergos user. I hope you will like EndeavourOS.