Woeusb the best tool for a Windows 10 iso?

Is there a better option then woeusb to burn a windows 10 iso? Thanks! :thinking: :nerd_face: :smiley:

Etcher from aur is not bad


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Oh, I didn’t know that, avoid etcher then lol

Edit : there is Popsicle and Suse Image Writer or Ventoy

I think you’ll be okay with etcher. If you don’t want to keep it after just uninstall it. I just install etcher-bin from the aur.

Edit: Is there any reason you can’t use popsicle to create a Windows ISO?

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Funny you should mention popsicle, was just looking at it as your reply popped up on my screen lol.

Why not simply dd?

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I use popsicle now. I just wasn’t sure if Windows ISO are a problem or not. I usually create them on Windows.

Yea not sure IF popsicle would have issues with windows 10 or not, can’t hurt to try.

I’m guessing thats possible, i like really simple though lol.

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You should be able to save the Windows iso from their site . . . and use the dd command.

edit: SHOULD it’s been a long time since I’ve tried but I’m like 90% sure this was how I did it the last time.


Don’t ask me I hardly ever use dd. I just use popsicle. It works good,

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And I never use anything else because it’s simple and clean.

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Maybe for you. Because i rarely use it i can never remember it. :upside_down_face:

Are getting ready to get Windows 11 on October 5? :thinking:

Thats the “Official” release date?

Its for my daughters new pc, i use strictly linux. :grin:

So…most of the tools being mentioned in this topic can’t successfully make a bootable WIndows ISO. The reason is that Windows ISOs need more than simply being written to the media.

You can’t use dd without a lot of manual work. I am fairly certain that Etcher can’t burn a windows iso either. I had read that popsicle could make a Windows ISO but I never got it to work.

I think using woeusb is a good option. I also think that ventoy can boot a Windows ISO.


Its now woeusb-ng


yay woeusb-ng
This project rewrite of original WoeUSB

For those interested.

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This would without doubt be the easiest then. Ventoy is very easy to try.

Woe USB works but can take a very long time.

Ventoy also works and does not take a very long time

I vote for Ventoy

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