Wireplumber update causing high CPU

Good news! It’s been over a month now with this ongoing issue, but thankfully yesterday wireplumber was updated from 0.4.11-3 -> 0.4.11-4 and in that update the Arch devs went ahead and added the merge request which still hasn’t yet landed into the master upstream (pending 3 weeks now) that fixes the issue of high CPU usage that affected a lot of users.

I saw that wireplumber was updated yesterday so I’ve been testing and checking to see if, once updated, if it was still a reproducible issue or not. With wireplumber 0.4.11-4 I am unable to reproduce the issue at all. It’s great to see this issue finally resolved. I know the Arch devs don’t always make a habit of patching upstream, but for some issues like this it’s good to see when they do as it helps benefit the users.

If somehow you notice the updated package causes any regressions, please let the devs know.

If you’re curious to see the Arch wireplumber package changes, you can view the latest here:

Edit: I left a followup comment on the wireplumber GitLab bug page just letting other Arch users knowing of the updated Arch patch. One of the wireplumber devs saw how old the merge request was and tested it and pushed it through. So now the next update for wireplumber for any distro will have the fix as well, so looks like it’s now solved for everyone since it just got merged. I can’t help, but think I gave them a little nudge :wink: