Wireless mouse disconnects randomly then reconnects

Hello all,

I just migrated to endevour from windows 11, last night, and i absolutely love it thus far. I ended up with the Cinnamon DE. I have been having some strange effects on my wireless mouse though. It seems to randomly lose BT-connection, then reconnects and works as if nothing happend. This usually happens somewhere in 15 minute intervals. It can happen in 5, 10, 12, 15 minutes apart but rarely beyond that from what i can see.

I am unsure how to proceed with remeding this little problem.

Is there at least a way of disabling notifications for disconnected/connect of the wirelss mouse? Notification area fills up rather quickly.

What version of bluez are you running? There was an issue with 5.67 a few days back and it’s since been fixed with 5.68. It mostly impacted our bluetooth audio devices but I did experience issues with my mouse too.

This will show you which version you have installed: yay -Qs bluez

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can you run journalctl -f | grep bluetooth after it disconnects and post it here?

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I wish it was that simple, it seems i’m already on the 5.68-1 version

yay -Qs bluez
local/bluez 5.68-1
    Daemons for the bluetooth protocol stack
local/bluez-libs 5.68-1
    Deprecated libraries for the bluetooth protocol stack
local/bluez-utils 5.68-1
    Development and debugging utilities for the bluetooth protocol stack

Definitely, just thought I’d check since it was a recent issue. Per chickenf00t’s request (not sure if you saw that) run journalctl -f | grep bluetooth in terminal. Let it run and when your mouse reconnects randomly let’s see what it says.

Are you by any chance using a MS Surface Mouse Pro (or whatever its name was)? I had the same issue with that mouse and I spent quite some time looking through the Arch wiki (this link might be useful:
In the end I couldn’t solve the issue and I just got used to it and the endless notifications… The mouse finally broke after years of decent service and I got an MX Master 3S, no issues ever since.

Apologies for taking a while on getting back, but it was getting late last night and downtime from the 'puter. I ran the command and waited - and of course now it seems to have sorted itself out. Perhaps i updated bluez and needed a reboot for effects to take hold but now i havent had a disconnect for quite some time, so i don’t have any output to share

At least for the time being, i’ll consider the issue selfresolved but thanks everyone for trying to help me get it sorted

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I’m using MX Master 2 wireless. Pretty neat little thing, though for the moment it seems the problem has resolved itself … somehow.