Wireguard connection via bash script per application?

I would like to use my Wireguard connection for a few applications only e.g. open a SSH connections via konsole also a specific browser (firefox)
is it possible to start these applications via bash script which include connection details to open only with Wireguard connection?


# use wireguard connection
# and do
konsole -e ssh -p 22 user@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


According to Arch’s wiki, there is GUI tool (AUR) that you can use to bypass applications.
Never tried it so I can’t confirm if its going to work the way you want.


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wow thank you!
that could work …

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It’s not wireguard exactly, so it might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I use proxychains for stuff like this (ie. irssi connections).

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oh I like that!
is there a difference between proxychains and proxychains-ng?

I’m using the “plain” version and have had no issues. I think the -ng is just a fork, but I don’t see any features in it that I’m missing from the plain version.

Edit - I lied, I checked and I’m actually using the -ng version. It’s worked very well for me after the quick initial set up. If you have questions I’m happy to help as much as I can.

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