Wine is not installing adobe DC reader

I am trying to install adobe DC reader but it keeps failing to install on Wine.


HAs anyone encountered this and has anyone manage to fix this issue?

have you tried using sudo while installing?

Check Wine HQ app DB:
Hope it helps!

No I didn’t I just clicked on the executable.

Does wine isolate the application to the point where even if we used root to install the application, the application still does not have root access?

Thanks for the link let me check it out.

As far as I know Windows apps always run with administrator privileges via wine. But if you haven’t used sudo to install/run them it should be relatively safe.
Using wine as root often breaks permissions, so I asked to clarify that, since you haven’t provided any information besides the screenshot.

You can also try using snap –

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WHen you say admin privilages, are you refering to root or Windows admin privilages?

So this installs on Wine, right?

Windows admin privileges.

it needs wine in order to work on linux in any case, I think

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You can find all the information you need here.

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