Windows Rules EndeavourOS KDE, how to configure transparency rules

Hi all friends.

I am using EndeavourOS KDE and I would like to know how I can create window rules to create transparencies.

I go to Windows Management => Windows rules => Add new…

I’ve seen some tutorials but it seems like I’m doing something wrong. I would like to be able to make all the windows transparent if possible, including the terminal, although I don’t know if the transparency of the terminal is affected by these rules.

I think I need to add 2 opacity modifiers, but when I do it, it doesn’t work, even if these are at 90%.

Should I use the Detect Window Properties button or something?

Sorry guys, I’m a little confused, maybe one of you can help me.

Thanks in advance!

Not too sure about other windows but for konsole it is quite easy. Right click console->edit profile->Appearance->edit->background colour transparency


Sorry friend, I’m a bit dumb, for some reason I can’t find this option. Should I right click with the mouse on the top bar of the terminal, or in the central part? I have seen images on Google and in my KDE Konsole terminal the top bar that says File, Edit, View does not appear… Maybe that is the problem. I am using Sweet KDE theme.

I’ll do an example with some screenshots for you soon

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To make any window transparent using windows rules open the desired app and right click around or near on the icon of the app (Firefox,Dolphin, etc)

From the menu > More Actions > Configure Special Window Settings > Window rules dialog will appear > add property > search opacity (you will see two options active and inactive) active means when the window is selected and vice versa. Adjust the values you will get transparent window anywhere.

Hope it helps

PS: For terminal or konsole app follow Smokey Guide/Screenshots


Note if you haven’t already you will need to make a new profile and set it as default and do this in that profile otherwise any changes you make to konsole will revert after closing it.
Heres how you can do that

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Try this
System Settings > Display and Monitor > Compositor > tick Enable at startup > Restart your PC

After restarting you should see windows transparent (rwindow rules must be added with opacity property)

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With the compositor enabled, search the settings for Translucency. You you can change some of the transparency of windows here as well.

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Thank you all very much, friends!

It worked, transparency with the 2 opacity modifiers is not the same as transparency with Kvantum. The transparency in Windows Rules makes the text transparent, but I don’t care, because I like it too, so I’ll use this.

Thanks again everyone guys, I would like to mark all posts as “Solution” because they were all helpful, but unfortunately I can only mark one.

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Found something that may interest you

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Omg, thank you very much, I’m really interested!

I didn’t see this transparent theme before because it’s in a subcategory called “APPS” in the KDE store, and I didn’t know there were “themes” there as well.

How do I install this “theme”? I have tried to install it from Global Themes, but as I thought it cannot be obtained from there.

It’s a widget so right click on your desktop, at the top of the screen click add widget, then when the widget tray opens select get new widget and search its name there

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Omg, another hidden KDE customization section, I didn’t even know this existed, thank you very much again!


Kde has a lot of customization’s but just be careful as it can cause some issues. Best practice is do changes gradually. Try them out if all is good leave them. If they cause issues revert back. Only use what works. There are some add-ons out there than don’t. :wink:

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Thank you very much friend!

I’ll be careful, for now all the changes I’ve made have worked correctly in KDE, the only thing I haven’t tried yet are the widgets, I’ll try them this week.

Thanks again for the tip! :smiley:

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