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is it possible to use windows key on my keyboard as an EOS menu on panel opener on XFCE?


This should work if you’re using the Whisker menu:

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I’m not an XFCE user but isn’t there a Menu->Settings->Keyboard->Application shortcuts->XFCE popup application menu or something like that?

That only simulates a right-click on the desktop, which is not quite the same thing.

Yes, if you want to know how here’s the solution last time it was asked:

You can use Ksuperkey. It is available in the AUR.

yay -S ksuperkey

Then run ksuperkey to start it (adding it to startup is convenient) and bind your menu to alt+F1. If you want it to use a different key combination, there are instructions on how to set that up in the Git.

If you don’t care to use the super key for other key bindings you can go to your keyboard shortcuts and add


That will work for the whiskermenu.


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