Windows being a pain to multi-boot

I mainly installed endeavouros after hearing about it’s dual-boot options on a review website, and needing that because my then dual-boot on an Aspire TC-780 computer with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 didn’t work as intended (The ubuntu partition itself wouldn’t show up in the bios menu, and I managed to find another partition that took me to the grub command line), which I took as a grub issue. After installing Endeavour (on another partition) I entered the boot menu (F12) and saw, for the first time, partitions to boot from named ubuntu and endeavouros-2688 (something like that), and the grub on endeavour had no bugs. After a short power outage though, they no longer appear in the hard drive priority list or in the boot menu. Interestingly, they appear in the windows advanced restart menu, but even then it says they’re disabled in bios settings. Secure boot is disabled, the bios is updated to its latest version, and boot repair has been run an ungodly amount of times. Someone end my suffering and tell me how to fix this. Windows can go in the trash.

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Also I’m not sure if there are any ways to switch between endeavour desktops (I want to use kde, cinammon, and lqxt) through either the gui or cli. I want to defaultly use kde though.

Then I would start completely anew. Also, check first, if there is a bios-update available, from your vendor.

When installing mutliple DE’s it is best to install them on different partitions, instead of mixing them together in one install. This usually leads to unwanted effects.

Just for starters…

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No but like someone actually help me because Windows is still needed for certain things and I am clueless as to how the world winecfg works and is used. Also remember that this is more of a bios problem. I may just get another pc in the future. OK time to reinstall endeavour in the hopes that everything will be fixed byeeeeeee.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions because you have this issue. Ubuntu doesn’t play nice booting EndeavourOS and probably any other Arch based distro. I can tell you from experience that dual booting Windows and EndeavourOS is not a problem. I have a number of dualboot Windows desktop and laptops that have no issues. It is easier if there are more than one drive so you can install EndeavourOS on another drive as opposed to the same drive as Windows. When i say easier i just mean it’s because you don’t have to deal with Windows and can just install it on another disc without any fuss. I do have EndeavourOS installed both ways on different devices without any problem. I also use KDE mostly. I only have Windows on these devices as they are mostly new and came with Windows 11 and or I upgraded Windows 10.

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Also make sure to format/shrink your drive first in Windows and make space for EOS. I generally don’t have problem dual booting both, but best experience was with two separate hardisks.

Don’t know if relevant here but make sure you either use legacy install or GPT but do not mix both, that won’t work out well. GPT is the best if possible.

I also had problems with dual booting with Acer aspire, but that was ages ago, something with acpi settings in bios.

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I have installed W10 and EOS at the same ssd. No issues too.

For what do you need Windows?

Most commonly for games that don’t run on Linux…possibly.

Have you considered running Windows on a virtual machine? Last time I needed Windows I ran it in a virtual machine. Less headache compared to dual booting.

The biggest issue i find is that a lot of users coming to Linux or lacking knowledge think that you just stick a usb stick in and the installer is going to do everything and it will just work. They may not have the knowledge or experience with partitioning and UEFI and or Bios. In some scenarios it requires that you have to do certain things manually in order to install it properly.

Yeah, get rid of windoze, you don’t need that rubbish on your computer.

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Saying get rid of Windows is not really helpful.

OP, I agree with Olividir, It’ pretty easy to setup a virtual machine to run Windows in. But if you need give Windows direct access to hardware that might not work for you.

So, to answer your question about dual booting check this link: