Windows 95 has changed my life (video about a desktop theme)

I’ve just found this nice video to install a Windows 95 theme. It’s for XFCE and it seems to be available for KDE too. It’s a beautiful theme for old school people, like me.

By the way, I’ve discovered this channel when I was searching for EndeavourOs reviews.

P.S. I’ll try to install it for Cinnamon… on a VM of course!

Please allow me just one question: WHY?


I read the title and thought it meant someone tried to use Win95 and that it was an april joke.
Turns out it is just a theme.


Yes, of course, but there are too many possible answers, and right now just 2 come to my mind:

  1. I’m an old school guy and I loved the jump from Windows 3.1 to 95
  2. Just for fun :partying_face:

Sorry, I’ll edit the title.

Very very scary, but yes compared to 3.1, 95 was light years ahead.

Yes, I also started with 3.1, then later 95 and so on. That’s why I’m even more surprised that someone now voluntarily wants to install this look. But well, there are no other problems …

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I thought it was 2022? :thinking:

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It’s the current year!

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I wish it wasn’t…


I feel the same way and this feeling is getting stronger every day.

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What do you wish …it was 1995? More Windows? :rofl:

As I said before, I’ll try this only on VM and I’m not planning to use the theme for my real installation. I think the process will be fun and it’ll let me learn a little more about GNU/Linux and this great distro.

Besides, I’m feeling right now the same way I’ve felt when I’ve got all those 3.5" disks (about 20) to install the Windows 95 beta. :star_struck: :rofl:

Yeah, I was much happier in 1995. I was young, my dad was alive, so many nice moments were ahead of me… Well, there was a war in Croatia, but it was just about to end, and good days were ahead.

I’d happily use windoze if it meant going back to those days. Besides, windoze back in the day wasn’t such an awful OS. It was crap, but not nearly as much as today.


Nothing like the good old days. :wink:

Ah, chicago95, which I maintain on AUR for the git - development version - part.

By the way, there is no stable version for this theme on archlinux AUR.

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Oh the memories…


Why not go further back and install an abacus theme?
If available…

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I can’t remember the last time I’ve used an abacus, for sure I was on kinder garden, and my memories of that time aren’t clear, so, there’s no motivation to use a theme like that. But I can use one created with balls and sticks drawings, I’d really love such a theme, even for my current installation. :rofl:

Hmm - that look was the biggest reason that I didn’t ever actually use KDE beyond trying it occasionally - it was too similar! Not to mention that the min/max/close buttons are on the wrong side, and the panel is on the bottom instead of the top. I guess I’m happy that someone likes it enough to replicate it though… :grin:

BTW - as is usually the case with Windows, 98SE was when the features of 95 first worked correctly…

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