Window Super Key to Seach Widget

I want to map my Windows Super Key by itself to open the seach widget I like it better than using the application menu as I use keybinding anyways and I pin my most used applications to my panel anyways so I don’t need access to my Menu as much and with the search shows my files and folders as well in a better format that I enjoy

Pretty sure keyboard mapping and shortcuts are available in KDE’s keyboard settings?

Yes I have gone to my shortcuts however if I only press my superkey it won’t let me save it I have to set a secondary key before it sets


How do I save the settings because without pressing a secondary key it will not save however once I press a secondary key it will save so WINKEY wont save but WINKEY+S will save


Just map it to Alt+F1. That’s the same as Meta.

We don’t use the term “winkey” around here.


Well, I’ve heard Meta refer to other keys. I think a better term is “Super”. But yeah, Plasma integrates the functionality from ksuperkey, which rebinds Super → Alt+F1, but only if Super is pressed without pressing any other keys. This was introduced I think when they changed the window move/resize shortcut to use Super + mouse movement instead of Alt + mouse movement. But yeah, just map it to Alt + F1

Use ksuperkey man.

I would use xcape, I assume you mean krunner?

xcape -e "Hyper_L=Super_L|w"

Then assign Super+w to krunner and remove the shorcut from the menu. You can run the xcape command from a terminal to test it is working. Then add to startup.

KDE does that by default for Alt+F1

On another note, how do you get that key formatting in discourse?


I have in assigned as a keyboard macro in Espanso :kbd

KDE opens the menu by default, not krunner :smiley:

Actually, thinking about it:

xcape -e "Hyper_L=Alt_L|space"

And remove the hotkey from the menu would be easier as krunner opens on Alt+Space

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Got it, thanks.
I think that Alt+F1 is just generic output for Super without other keys/mouse events, not specific to the menu. I did always have trouble trying to do this in KDE too, so I can’t recall.

Following this link I was able to remap my key

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