Window Managers: how-to share settings, autostart, keybindings, etc

For those who might be interested in using multiple window manager desktops with shared keybindings, autostart functions, keyboard setups and the like, I have just published brief tutorial on the topic. The tutorial provides examples of the various files I created, etc.

I guarantee the work to be worth every penny you paid for it! Enjoy.

By way of full disclosure, this is built on another arch-based distro.


You can mention ArchLabs over here, there’s mutual respect for each other. :wink:


and vice versa… :wink:



Good article!

I also use sxhkd and .xprofile on my system and on Portergos config.

Started after getting used to i3-wm keybindings for opening the terminal and apps like dmenu,
Having a set of apps I like starting to all DEs/WMs brought .xprofile.

I use one sxhkd config to all DEs so to do commom things like close app to all DEs/WMs i usually make an external script to detect the session and act accordingly.

You have an interesting approach using a personalized config though… I may do the same in the future.

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