Window Customization and top bar

I was trying to put a top bar and remove the Gadura-style window bar…
do you know where I can read or if there is any video that can explain how to do it?

Are you able to show a screenshot of what you are trying to change or an example of what you are trying to achieve?

Ok, this is not mine but is a good example

It is not quite what I want but it is very close.
As you can see in the top bar are the buttons and the context menu of the window. I would like to do this.

Ok, I’ll have a look when i get home but 90% sure i’ve seen something in thekde store for this

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Yes I saw something too.
If I’m not wrong Garuda does it. But cannot find a good tutorial for these customization.

Was able to find this but it was on the first page I looked at under here, gave it a quick try seems to do all except the menu (this may be a separate widget)
I’d look under here

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thank you I was not aware of this site

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the widget is ok but it is not so cool I saw around

It is the site where Discover gets its results

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There was another that looked similar. Another thing to try is maybe ask on the Garuda forum as someone there should know the answer.

Okay after a bit of a look around I think I may have figured out what they use (I may be wrong I have not tested it, semi-worked it out from here )
I think the packages you may need are

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ty so much

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You’re welcome, glad it worked for you

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