Will Not Boot After Install

I can not boot into Endeavor OS after install.

I formated the HDD then installed Endeavor OS offline. After the installation was completed, I restarted the laptop, when it boots up it brings me to Shell. I checked the BIOS and the only boot option is Shell.

Am I missing the MBR/Boot for Endeavor? How do I get my laptop to boot into Endeavor OS?

Go back through the installation process again and make a note of which options you chose and of any output or messages that pop up during the process.

Then, if you have the same issue, post back with details about your hardware (inxi -Faz) and where you chose to install the boot loader.

I’m fairly new to Linux. I just selected the HDD, Erase Disk and Install. It seems like it’s missing the boot portion.

The other thing implied in my post was “try again”.

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Welcome @chambersmt

It would be helpful if you could provide some information as this isn’t enough to really provide any help.
You can boot on the live ISO and use the logtool in the welcome app to provide at least the hardware info.

inxi -Fxx0z

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Welcome to the purple :enos: side of Linux.

Just building on what @ricklinux said. The amount of information is really not enough to give you any help.

Please try tunning the below command in the live system and post the link here.

inxi -Fxx0z | enos-sendlog

Just to build upon what has already been built, for those not sure what enos-sendlog is all about:

Program eos-sendlog will (by default) save the received URLs to ~/.config/eos-sendlog.txt for later inspection. (wiki source here)

Those commands are not found.

Where are you trying to run them? They are present in the EnOS live installation environment specifically to aid troubleshooting. Which installer image (and specific version) are you using?

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The command should be

inxi -Fxx0z | eos-sendlog

Edit: As @jonathon said you can user the logtool on the Welcome app which will provide a link after it uploads