Will EOS be developing an upgrade version of OS anytime soon

…versus an iso revision?

It depends how you define “soon”

That being said, even when it is released, it will just be a new ISO with some changes. EOS is rolling so there is not really an upgraded version, only new ISOs.

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Thanks for clarifying. I m just wondering; now that v2 is out now, I assume support for v1 will begin waning at some point. Though I m not sure how it all works.

There is no “support waning” for any version in a rolling release model. You install EOS, then you update and then you are on the newest software. And it does not matter if you where on v1 or v2 of the ISO prior to upgrading.
You can get into trouble if you try to install from a very old ISO, use offline install and then upgrade, so always use the newest ISO as a starting point or opt for online install (which then fetches the newest version of the files you chose to install).

Actually R3 is now out as of recently. We only ever support the most recent ISO.

However, your installed system is always supported no matter which ISO you install from. Even if you installed from an ISO 3 years ago, your system is always supported. You just keep updating.

ISO rebuilds are the same ISO but with newer packages. Perhaps it would help to explain why we release ISO rebuilds. We do this for a few reasons:

  • Newer hardware often needs new drivers and firmware so sometimes a newer device won’t be able to install from our ISO without a rebuild.(This is the most common reason)
  • Sometimes upstream changes can cause breakages in the installer which a newer package base will fix.
  • Often people use the offline installer due to low bandwidth situations. Updating the ISO with newer packages can save them from having to do a very large update after installation.

The important point here is that once your system is installed it makes no difference what happens with the ISOs or releases in the future. You never need to “upgrade to a later release”. As long as you continue to do normal package updates, your system should roll on indefinitely.