Wiki format preferences by the community

After reading this post and also having it discussed with keybreak, I just want to know the opinion of the community as feedback purpose.

Is our wiki really hard to find on the forum or do you prefer the wiki function on the Forum? The reason why we didn’t choose for the forum option is that the articles are all over the place, without a proper menu to find them easily.

So, I’m curious which one you prefer?

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1 vote for the separate Wordpress-powered Wiki. :smiley:

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Another Vote for separate Wordpress-powered Wiki

I vote for both. Let users make wiki posts on the forum, and you or someone from the team pick the best ones and republish them on the Wiki.


Quick recap of my points from our discussion

Yep - as it is now, sadly not many use it the way it’s meant to be, it’s not that hard to find per se, but hard to interact (both read / write perspective) compared to forum where you can cite parts directly, easily get quick feedback and spark productive discussion on article, from same infrastructure of forum etc.

I say forum is unbeatable, however you can have both or just external one easily, if few conditions would be met:

  1. Wiki should use markdown (at least GitHub like standard, better Discourse one with all the fancy stuff like tables / html / smileys / details tags) - that is super-important for people to interact easily both writing & reading!

  2. Should be properly categorized and easily searchable (just like forum)

  3. Maybe in terms of platform agnostic approach best idea would be to write it in one place (for example as @joekamprad offered GitHub / GitLab and then auto-populate or on-demand-populate it wherever we want be it site, forum or whatever else in future), but that may be technically challenging.

If we go only forum route, this is a must:

  1. You can create whole wiki or FAQ top category, problem with that is it can become really big…Well it’s little hard to find anything anyways, that can be solved easily however with top pinned post with table of content for such wiki

  2. All wiki posts must be marked [wiki] prefix in title, so it would be fast & easy to find in search

Some reasoning why:

You shouldn’t underestimate power of Discourse forum - as it is one of main point of interest for any wise Linux community, it draws a lot of attention and rightfully so, coz it provokes to action / reaction and therefore creation of new things like that, social-network style almost, for example i would never write and share such article [ FOSS screen space ray tracing with any game and GPU ] outside of Dicourse (because i would had no urge, call to share, and feedback of how many users actually struggle with that things)…

Some general notes

In my mind our job for wiki should be focus on:

  • Accessibility
  • Ease of understanding
  • Best practices
  • Step by step guides
  • Summaries

Well pretty much what it already is :slight_smile:

Because all the info is out there in the internet already, especially archwiki, but it’s really hard to grasp archwiki as it is, for a lot of people - so our job is kinda translation from alien to human


I’m not sure that everybody is on the same page about what this “wiki” should achive. Are they semi curated pages by one person? Are they a staging area for global documentation pages? Or is it a real wiki and everybody is allowed to contribute all the time?

And if it’s a real wiki, I suggest using a real wiki engine. Don’t abuse a forum or a CMS.

To be clear to everyone, there’s a limit on pinning topics on the forum, so that is not the solution. it is our intention to transfer a wiki article from the forum to the wiki by a couple of members who have access to the Wordpress site. (There are already active members who have this access)


Some great ideas here, but I’ll put my vote in the separate wiki camp too. Maybe just a top bar here that says Wiki, where Websites/Help/About us are, could get people’s attention a bit more, regarding both reading and contributing? Same suggestion for the site where the wiki is now, too. Adding to the current wiki might work better, rather than blurred lines between the forum and wiki?

And a thank you to the person who added an AMD section to the graphics section in the wiki. Great stuff!

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I also think it should be separate. Having it in the forum will end up being a problem.

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The forum software makes a terrible wiki source. Discourse just isn’t built for that. There is no way to organize the articles and they become difficult to find. It becomes a management nightmare.

I think a separate purpose-built wiki solution that allows many people to create accounts and directly edit the content is the best solution.

Alternatively, keeping the wiki content in github/gitlab and letting people submit pr/ms for changes is another option but not as accessible as a dedicated wiki platform.


Depends on wiki-engine i guess, for example that:

  • Markdown
  • Git-backed storage
  • Built-in search engine

I haven’t used it, but feature-wise it looks like something cool!

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This plus single-sign on for forum and wiki… :slight_smile:

The wiki is easy to find on the website. Keep it as is. We surely don’t want to make the forum full of uncategorized clutter.

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This was also my concern.

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I also vote for the separate Wiki.

I also prefer a separate wiki. This has also the benefit that it is accessible during downtimes of the forum due to discourse issues / forum updates and I think it is also more easy to transfer the content from a separate wiki to a new in case the wiki engine is changed.

@Bryanpwo Could you add a poll to your OP maybe with the options: separate wiki, separate wiki as storage (posts created on the forum), wiki in the forum, something else


i’d add option for both (meaning source it in one place and then pull wherever including wiki or forum)

I’m merely interested in your opinions that define a wiki, this is not to be meant as the one over the other as a definitive choice.

I just thought a poll might help to get an general overview and prevent posts like “I prefer this variant too”, as a result posts with additional reasoning/thoughts would be less separated from each other.

No, it will defeat the purpose, since the wiki function on the forum is not very efficient. I just want to know the opinions to improve either the wiki or its accessability.