WiFi fails to connect automatically

Hello. My WiFi has stopped connecting automatically after a recent update. The NetworkManager applet just circles and then doesn’t connect. However, it will connect if I remove the entry using Edit Connections, and retype the WiFi password.

I am using the rtl88x2bu-dkms-git driver from the AUR. I did reinstall the driver to see if that was the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!


journal could give some info about what is going wrong… could be also something related to users keyring?
open a terminal and proceed: journalctl -f while it spins and can not connect…

removed your private data from the log… it was not meant to be posted… only as a hint on how to find out what is going nuts for you…

looks like device is get into powesaving mode after it fails to connect

NetworkManager[513]: [1673184146.9135] device (wlan0): Activation: (wifi) association took too long
NetworkManager[513]: [1673184146.9135] device (wlan0): state change: config → failed (reason ‘no-secrets’, sys-iface-state: ‘managed’)
NetworkManager[513]: [1673184146.9138] manager: NetworkManager state is now DISCONNECTED
kernel: start_addr=(0x20000), end_addr=(0x40000), buffer_size=(0x20000), smp_number_max=(16384)
kernel: RTW: nolinked power save leave
kernel: RTW: WARN _beamforming_leave: XXXX is neither beamforming ee or er!!
kernel: RTW: ERROR Free disconnecting network of scanned_queue failed due to pwlan == NULL


tried this?

Thanks for the help and suggestion. The driver you suggested does log in automatically, although it takes over 60 seconds to do so after boot-up. Is there a way I can speed that up?

no clue … again log could tell what happens…

Is the log safe to post with SSID redacted?

generally unsave… uuids and ips and stuff should never be posted public :wink: