Wifi driver rtl8821CU DKMS fails to build on Kernel 5.18

I need the driver rtl8821CU for my Odroid Wifi-module
Unfortunately, it is failing to build via dkms on Kernel 5.18.1
Here is my system info:
Here is the source for the driver:

I see that there is an issue open

Is there a simple fix to get the driver to build for me? Or is the only recourse to wait for the dev to fix the issue?
Any help is appreciated.

Is there a compatibility patch? If so, yes. If not,

Seems a bit selfish to keep it to yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I will share it obviously. :sunglasses:

where can I read and learn more about this?

A compatibility patch would be something like


That is, a patch to add compatibility.

If one exists then getting the driver to build is easy. If one doesn’t exist then it needs to be written before the driver will compile.

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I tried to build the driver for my Laptop running the LTS kernel just to confirm. It failed to build there too.

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